‘Sevalaya Samaritan Hospital ‘ is one of the major projects run by Sevalaya Samaritan. Among other things, it offers high-quality medical services including free medicines to the target population.

Today, Sevalaya Samaritan has:

  • Ten-beds
  • Two full-time Doctors 
  • Five nursing staff
  • causality
  • An ICU
  • An operating theatre
  • A delivery Suite
  • An X-Ray machine 
  • An ultrasound scanner 
  • A Clinical Lab 
  • A pharmacy.

It has both in-patient and outpatient facilities.

The procedure for getting admitted is to:

2) Register at the registration desk. 

OPD timing: 9 am – 5 pm

Policy: The hospital works to serve the underprivileged, specifically the tribal community. By winning their confidence, the hospital hopes to fulfil the vision of catering to the medical needs of the tribals.

All emergencies that can be treated at the hospital will be free of cost.