Central to the activities is Sevalaya Samaritan Hospital that offers quality medical services including medicines free, to the target population

Tuition Centre

Free Tuition centre equipped with modern “smart board”, presenting knowledge attractively


Tribal Community Upliftment

The tribal communities we serve number over 622 families


About us

SEVALAYA SAMARITAN GRAMODHARAN SAMITHY (SSGS) is an NGO that works to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged, especially that of the tribal communities in and around Gudalur, Nilgiris District, South India.

We run a free hospital for targeted beneficiary groups, and support tribal communities by helping provide their children with an education and supplying them with nutritious provisions, clothes, blankets, and materials needed for repairing their huts.

Since April 1st, 2021, SGS has been a part of the ‘Sevalaya group of organizations. Sevalaya is a 34-year-old NGO that runs a Community College (Vocational Training Center) in Gudalur that teaches women without a financial income tailoring to help them support their families.

Sevalaya is committed to financially helping the Samaritan hospital and the activities of SSGS till their own funds can manage them.